5 Prospecting Hacks for Agency Growth

prospecting hacks

There are two ways to waste time when it comes to prospecting—the beginning of any sales process:

1. Manually researching and collecting data on prospective clients.
2. Reaching out to contacts with a sales pitch versus trying to establish a relationship by focusing on their pain points.

You already know that if you want to be successful, you have to find and nurture your idealprospects (and existing clients), and you need to do so in an efficient manner.

In today’s innovative world, this is more than possible, and you don’t need more time in the day. You simply need the right prospecting hacks to lighten the load on your employees and take your agency to the next level.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator + Dux-Soup

In this podcast with Jonathan Soares of Agency Labs, Soares recommends LinkedIn as a fantastic tool to find prospects by region, job title, or industry. It’s his go-to when it comes to finding the right leads. With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you get advanced search options, suggested leads, CRM integration, insights, and so much more.

For LinkedIn lead generation, use Dux-Soup for auto-viewing profiles, capturing data, and more. Tag specific profiles and add notes as needed, then import it to your CRM. The free starter edition is a great way to get a feel for it, then upgrade if you need to.

As an alternative to Dux-Soup, Linked Helper is a Chrome extension that offers features like personalized invitations, auto-messaging and auto-responding, automatic endorsements (which often leads to your contacts responding in kind), and more.

BriteVerify or Hunter

Undeliverable notices really drag down an email campaign. Besides, it’s a waste of your time and money to send your carefully crafted emails to fake or incorrectly entered email addresses.

BriteVerify’s Email List Verification will identify fake or otherwise invalid email addresses before you hit send. You can also validate email addresses as your prospects enter them into your contact form to help eliminate losing a contact to a typo.

Hunter has a similar tool called Email Verifier that allows verifying email addresses of your prospects to increase deliverability and reduce bounce rate.

To give the idea a try before committing to a subscription, Hunter offers a free version with 100 requests (finding or verifying an email) per month with options to scale up as required.

Drift or Ochatbot

Unfortunately, there are website visitors daily who never take the next step, even though most of them (unless they landed on your site completely by accident) are indeed looking specifically for what you have to offer. They don’t even leave your site because they’re disinterested: they’re simply not engaged enough to continue.

With Drift‘s intelligent chatbots, you can automatically target your visitors with questions based on how they arrived on your page or how much time they’re spending on a specific part of your website. The bots will disqualify certain visitors so you don’t waste your time with people who have no intention of working with you; likewise, they’ll book meetings with the prospects who are ready to talk.

Conversational marketing is a proven way to find qualified leads as they visit your site and invite them to take the next steps before they have a chance to think, “I’ll do this later” or “Maybe I should keep shopping around.” It creates a personal, human buying experience and helps you shorten your sales cycle. For more information on this incredible hack, take a look at the podcast I did with Drift’s Dan Murphy.

Also, take a serious look at Ochatbot from Ometrics, a tool that enables you to build your own chatbot at no cost to boost conversion rate for leads, sales and your overall support and user experience. Artificial intelligence allows the bots to learn over time. Ochatbot offers consulting services and a done-for-you option to take setup off your plate.


This one is a favorite because I’ve personally had great success with it. Leadfeeder sees something you can’t: who’s visiting your site. You’ll learn where they came from and how long they spent on which pages, as well as any personal connections you share with them (via LinkedIn).
After a company visits your site, the handy email alerts give you the opportunity to send timely messages. All you need is Google Analytics, and on the day you start with Leadfeeder, you’ll be able to see your website visitors from the last 30 days.


I’ve saved the best for last! For sales, Crystal predicts the personalities of your prospects and customers, so you can send more effective emails, be persuasive in meetings, and accelerate trust. In terms of prospecting, you’ll improve the success rate of your cold outreach. Before calls or meetings, Crystal provides insights so you can adjust to each person’s communication style. With a handy Chrome extension and seamless integration with Gmail and LinkedIn, Crystal goes so far as to give you sample message scripts that will resonate with your prospect based on DISC assessments and other online findings from social profiles. A serious game-changer all around.

Prospecting hacks are most effective when you know who you are. It’s essential to position your company well within your niche and be clear about your values, brand, and message. This clarity needs to run through the entire organization; if you’re not clear about who you are and what you stand for, you can’t know whom your ideal prospects are.

When you have that foundation, it’s time to level up, and these tools can help you do it.

If you have a great service and a streamlined sales process in place, the hardest part is targeting the right prospects. At the end of the day, your time is best spent nurturing your ideal clients and closing deals.

Author: Kelly Campbell
Kelly Campbell is a Conscious Leadership Coach, helping creative and technology leaders transform life and grow their agencies. The former owner of a cause marketing agency for 14 years, she focuses on personal development, purpose, positioning, people, pipeline and profitability. She is a keynote speaker at leadership conferences across the country, has been featured in The New York Times, Woman Entrepreneur, The Startup on Medium and Forbes.com — for which she most recently became a member of the Forbes Business Council. She is currently authoring her first book on the prerequisites of leadership, and is the host of THRIVE: Your Agency Resource, a bi-weekly video podcast sponsored by Workamajig that helps agency owners navigate personal and professional growth.

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