Which Unknown Prospects Are On Your Website Right Now?

automated pre-qualified lead generation

Imagine being able to discover unknown prospects visiting your website—and have their information sent your inbox daily. Automated, pre-qualified lead generation? Hello, digital disruption!

Many agencies and businesses utilize marketing automation tools that track the behavior and activities of those already in their CRM, but what about the anonymous potential leads visiting their sites each day?

98% of your website visitors don’t contact you.
But that doesn’t mean they’re not interested.

The best way to increase ROI across all of your marketing efforts is to close this gap.

Not only do you want to source these unknown companies, but ideally you’d want to filter out non-qualified companies—and find out how to reach them. Now, every company’s parameters for pre-qualification will vary and could be based on geographic service area, industry, and employee size, just to name a few.

The Solution You Never Knew Existed

Powered by Google Analytics, the best website visitor tracking for sales and marketing I’ve found is Leadfeeder. Hands down.

At the digital agency I owned for the last 14 years, we started using Leadfeeder after having our entire website copy rewritten. The insights were incredible and instantly showed me which companies were visiting our website, how they found us, which pages they visited, how much time they spent, and who I was personally connected to on LinkedIn at the respective companies.

From personal experience, I can guarantee that this tool will pay dividends in new business—from pipeline development to behavioral and content insights.

Leadfeeder uses your Google Analytics data to show real companies visiting your website. It integrates to your CRM and email marketing tools to increase your sales intelligence. Currently, integrations are available for Salesforce and Pipedrive, Zoho, and webCRM as well as Mailchimp; however, there’s an open API that allows integration with virtually every other CRM or email marketing system.

If your agency or business is looking for truly automated lead generation from prospects unknown to your sales team (or to compliment your existing marketing automation system), Leadfeeder may be the answer.

Full disclosure: If you ultimately decide to begin a paid subscription on Leedfeeder, I will receive $50 for the referral from the company should you click any of the links in this post. Alternatively, you can search for Leedfeeder online and find their website to bypass my affiliate relationship with the company.

Author: Kelly Campbell
Kelly Campbell is an Agency Leader Transformation Coach based in New York. The former owner of a cause marketing agency for 14 years, she helps creative leaders transform their businesses and their lives—focusing on the 5 P's: purpose, people, positioning, pipeline and profitability. She speaks at agency growth conferences across the country, has been featured in The New York Times, Woman Entrepreneur and Forbes, gets vulnerable on Medium, and is currently authoring her first book on reframing leadership. She is the host of THRIVE: Your Agency Resource, a bi-weekly video podcast sponsored by Workamajig that helps agency owners navigate personal and professional growth.

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