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For an established experiential agency, positioning (along with a rename, rebrand and new website) was key to developing new business. A subsequent phase of coaching work together focused on determining how the founder could live a life aligned with her purpose.

Founder, Tracy Yates turned to Kelly as an Agency Leader Transformation Coach in order to solidify the business and help her map out the myriad options that the future held for her.


Boost Experiential (formerly Boost Marketing), has served top clients in the entertainment, technology and spirits sectors for nearly two decades. Kelly’s work addressed three critical challenges for Boost and its leader:

• Lack of clearly defined positioning and extension thereof:
While the agency has worked with clients in specific verticals, it was unclear to potential prospects that the value proposition was deep expertise in their category as well as a proven track record to execute flawless activations, even when provided with little lead time.

• Heavy reliance on network and referrals:
Having worked in the same industry for so long, one of the primary benefits is a stream of business through long-cultivated relationships. However, those referred projects aren’t always ideal, so a business development strategy that targets ideal client accounts was needed.

• Collaboration with, and support for, the agency leader:
No leader wants to feel alone in running their business or question their own inner wisdom, yet clients and contractors can come with a certain level of unpredictability. It can be difficult to know that you’re making the right decision or responding appropriately in every situation.


Starting with an initial Deep Dive session, Kelly worked with Tracy to identify short- and long-term goals and objectives, both personally and professionally — as well as the bottlenecks that were keeping her feeling trapped in a circular loop. Together, they collaborated on positioning language, refreshed brand identity, and new website. Kelly wrote messaging templates for outbound account-based marketing (ABM) and then paired Tracy with a resource to handle prospecting, outreach and follow-up with new leads.

Finally, Kelly helped Tracy to uncover what she was most passionate about as she began to give some thought to her next chapter of life. Over the course of three weekly sessions of Future Mapping, a plan with options and action steps emerged.


Kelly coached Tracy for one year, and continues to provide introductions to trusted resources, as well as consultative support for any questions that arise. Visit

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