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For a growing ice distributor in New York City, a single landing page kept the company invisible on search engines for their most valuable keywords, and with tough competition, a brand new domain and web presence typically takes time to climb the rankings in order to bring on new commercial accounts and residential customers.

The efforts literally put the ice delivery company on the map in organic search visibility. Nicholas Madio of Mo Ice Distributors turned to Kelly Campbell to complete the website project and SEO consulting to increase visibility and revenue throughout the year.


A new website with a brand new web address means starting from scratch with Google; There is no trust behind with the domain, content, quality of traffic and links. It can take several months or years to climb to Page 1 using white hat SEO tactics. Though, Mo Ice knew it could reach more people in New York searching for variations related to ice delivery in Manhattan and the Bronx. Kelly’s work addressed two critical challenges for Mo Ice:

Create a website that offers the ability to schedule and a reason to return:
Using WordPress as the content management system (CMS), Kelly created a robust and modern website, including search-friendly content, the ability to schedule delivery online and an ice calculator for parties and special events in order to help residential customers order the proper amount of ice for home delivery.

Optimize the site to pull traffic from competitors and increase revenue:
Starting with foundational, white hat SEO, Kelly educated the clients on keyword relevance, research and analysis—and together they defined the target keywords and phrases, site architecture and content parameters. Multiple new domains were pointed to landing pages to increase the company’s local search footprint, leads and recurring sales.


Kelly Campbell combined best practices in website production, feature development and SEO. The solution was to provide a credible, value-added web presence that attracted both commercial / wholesale and residential customers in Manhattan and the Bronx—with the ability to expand its territory as the business grows.


Mo Ice Distributors has outpaced its top competitors online, increasing qualified leads for new commercial accounts and residential deliveries of ice cubes, ice blocks and dry ice within its service area. Visit

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Kelly has become a trusted advisor as we take things to the next level. She’s been instrumental in helping to optimize agency efficiencies and in streamlining workflows within the firm, successfully implementing solutions, and developing new business and valuable partnerships. I’ve recently entrusted her to reposition our company and am excited about the limitless potential for which she’s helping to pave the way.

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