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Rally Marketing
Poorly-defined positioning and a lack of the necessary tools kept the growth of this digital marketing agency at a plateau.

Empowering digital teams to level-up starts with a clear message. Rally Marketing realized they wouldn’t get anywhere unless they knew where they were going and had the right tools in order to help them succeed, so they reached out to Kelly for Agency Growth Consulting.


Rally Marketing had always focused on building strong relationships with their clients, and relied heavily on word-of-mouth advertising to help them expand. Unfortunately, being in a small geographical area made that ineffective. With Kelly, they tackled that challenge and three others:

• Poorly-defined positioning::
Attracting clients across multiple industries meant that the firm had failed to definitively position themselves for the specific verticals in which they had deep expertise, leaving them with an unclear message about their value proposition.

• Lack of agency management tools:
Without investing in the resources for effective project management and keyword research for their search engine optimization services, the firm was essentially piecing together protocols, which led to inefficiency among the team and lower profitability for the agency.

• Heavy reliance on referrals and network:
The agency’s own website was not viewed as a business development tool and no proactive outreach to ideal prospects was being done, which limited their ability to reach clients outside the local word-of-mouth advertising, land and expand, and referrals on which they relied for new business.


The first step was getting clear about their positioning. By digging into the agency’s core strengths, Kelly understood what was important to them and helped them develop a solid positioning statement to guide their actions and intentions: “Trustworthy, transparent and unique, Rally Marketing guides energy, entertainment, healthcare and lifestyle clients to define and meet their greatest goals through collaborative creativity.” Clear positioning also saves them time and money in business development from inbound channels, in that it helps prospects qualify or disqualify themselves before they reach out.

With this clarity, Kelly turned to create a formal business development strategy for outbound account-based marketing (ABM), and then worked directly with one of the agency’s in-house copywriters to organize and optimize a new website.


The changes have impacted the entire culture of the organization—and that’s what empowering a digital team is all about. Over the course of a year, the agency restructured, and the team leans heavily into putting vulnerability, transparency, and trust first. The result is increased confidence, and it’s leading to new, ideal accounts closed at higher rates. The work they do is now streamlined and more effective, which has improved client retention. Team members are proud of what they’re doing, and they feel fulfilled by their work. Visit rallymarketing.com.

I cannot recommend Kelly enough. Almost immediately after engaging with her services, we started closing higher-profile accounts at larger rates than we ever have before. Our team is stronger than ever. Kelly is like a therapist not only for your agency but for you personally. I always look forward to our regular check-ins. We even invited her to speak at a conference we organized, and she was one of our top-rated speakers.

Rodney Hess, VP Rally Marketing
Rodney Hess
President, Rally Marketing
Kelly Campbell Agency Consultant
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