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For many creative agencies, positioning their brands to stand out from competitors is a major challenge, especially with the ever-changing needs of clients.

Movement Strategy is a social-led creative agency specializing in innovation, analytics and campaigns for brands in a variety of industries. The agency offers services from creative to paid media and production, across multiple office locations within the U.S. They turned to Kelly to help them establish vertical positioning in entertainment & sports, lifestyle & e-commerce and food & beverage to clarify their messaging and gain visibility online through SEO Consulting for Agencies.


Movement Strategy’s extremely creative work attracted prospects, but the site needed work in key areas. Movement Strategy was (1) dealing with a lack of defined positioning, (2) had no in-house knowledge of SEO—with the additional challenge of having 3 office locations to optimize for geographically—and (3) could needed some improvement in terms of CRO. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of Movement Strategy’s critical challenges:

Lack of defined positioning messaging:
The company’s brand messaging wasn’t as defined as it should’ve been. The brand offers so many services that it can make prospects lose sight of what Movement Strategy is all about. Movement Strategy’s positioning messaging needed to be more specific about their major strengths and how they’re different from competitors. The brand was great at showing their expertise in social and digital strategies to propel businesses forward, but their messaging didn’t specify how they can help clients achieve their goals.

SEO had not been considered:
Because the firm had little in-house knowledge of SEO, its website suffered in terms of rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs). The additional challenge to SEO was the agency’s three office locations, which made it more difficult to optimize for localized, or geographically-specific search queries.

Conversion optimization was not a focus:
When it came to conversion optimization, the company’s site was in need of some improvement. They did a great job of attracting leads, but opportunity remained to keep visitors engaged and to direct new prospects to landing pages.


First, we solidified the positioning messaging by talking less about the company and more about the solutions they provide, but with a focus on value. Helping clients achieve their goals and address their challenges is where the core strength of the agency lies, so we wanted to highlight that in Movement Strategy’s positioning messaging.

To help prospects better understand the agency’s unique value proposition, we focused on positioning messaging that was clear and easy to understand—not what they can do for clients, but how they do it and how they differ from competitors. This helps to clarify what the brand has to offer clients, which in turn, helps prospects either qualify or disqualify themselves.

Without an in-house SEO team, SEO consulting translated into in-depth keyword research, analysis and selection for each page of the site. Keywords are a crucial aspect of optimizing content for the search engines. The key to increasing traffic for Movement Strategy was attracting prospects that were looking specifically for a social-led creative agency. Our in-depth analysis of relevant keywords uncovered a variety of factors that would affect the company’s rankings such as keyword competition, keyword difficulty and the number of monthly searches for a particular keyword.

We know that SEO drives traffic, but there’s still the issue of getting prospects to convert when they land on a page. In terms of CRO, Movement Strategy’s website needed to have easy navigation that would allow users to seamlessly move from page to page. To achieve this, we modified the navigation. We also added and repurposed various sections of content across the board. This allows for a positive user experience, one that makes it easier for prospects to make a purchase decision.

To further optimize the site for conversions, we developed new landing pages. We A/B tested these landing pages to test one variant against another for optimal results. From adding compelling copy to including high-performing call-to-actions (CTAs), we implemented strategies to help improve landing page conversions.


Since implementation in 2019, Movement Strategy’s inbound traffic from organic search on Google alone increased by 42%, garnering an average position on Page 1 of the SERPs for more than half of the agency’s targeting terms. Visit

I cannot recommend Kelly enough. Almost immediately after engaging with her services, we started closing higher-profile accounts at larger rates than we ever have before. Our team is stronger than ever. Kelly is like a therapist not only for your agency but for you personally. I always look forward to our regular check-ins. We even invited her to speak at a conference we organized, and she was one of our top-rated speakers.

Rodney Hess, VP Rally Marketing
Rodney Hess
President, Rally Marketing
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