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agency growth coaching for tech marketing firm
Even agencies with decades of experience can benefit from business advisory and personal development. It takes self-aware leaders to recognize when they are repeating patterns or holding the business back from reaching its greatest potential.

A Colorado-based tech marketing firm, Toolbox Creative helps organizations in the 3D printing, CleanTech, and AgTech space illustrate the impact of their technology on stakeholders.

The agency has partnered with dozens of complex technology providers to create brand strategies, effective marketing materials, and conversion-centric digital applications. While the magic of Toolbox’s deliverables stems from their deep dive process itself, the firm’s founders felt that they needed agency leadership coaching to address some lingering issues.


The team at Toolbox Creative clearly has the expertise and passion for helping tech companies to distill complex technologies and amplify their market positioning message. However, the agency’s leaders felt as though they had hit a plateau and wanted Kelly’s agency growth coaching in order to solidify a number of things:

Negotiations and Value Pricing
The agency wanted to improve their contract terms with some of of their larger existing client base without any risk of losing them. Additionally, while Toolbox didn’t want to overcharge its clients, the company didn’t want to sell itself short or underestimate its value.

Client Communications
The agency’s leaders were interested in learning how to navigate tricky client conversations and email exchanges with ease. The art of combining nuanced language and emotional intelligence is what they were most interested in.

Personal Development + Leadership Style
Apart from growing in a professional context, Toolbox’s President wanted to become a high-conscious leader in order empower the people around her. She sought coaching services for mindset and overall leadership development for personal, team, and organizational benefits.


Kelly understood Toolbox’s unique pain points and desired outcomes from the onset, and created space to adapt to new items that arose on a bi-weekly basis.

Working 1:1 with the firm’s President, Kelly developed more intentional internal and external communication strategies, illustrating how empathy, compassion, emotional intelligence and setting healthy boundaries all play important roles. She crafted email messaging to help both of the agency leaders better manage a few of their clients.

Beyond that, she successfully helped them improve contract terms with some existing clients, and added a 10% markup on print with the firm’s second-largest client where no markup existed prior. Kelly played the role of a mentor, guiding the team on the adoption of an ideal pricing strategy in order to hit revenue and profit margin goals.

Lastly, through the coaching relationship, the agency leaders were able to better understand the intent behind their thoughts, feelings, and motivations. Self-awareness leads to conscious leadership, and that leads to organizational success.


Toolbox’s owners were able to hit their revenue goals, at higher margins—all while traveling more often. They are better able to manage existing client relationships and be more discerning about new business opportunities.

What Toolbox liked most about working with Kelly was her unique approach to conscious leadership coaching and agency growth consulting. They insist that Kelly’s expertise was just what they needed, right when they needed it. Visit toolboxcreative.com.

I was looking for a consultant who could help us evolve our marketing agency, and I wanted someone who had been there, done that. Kelly understood the pain points unique to an agency owner. She not only helped us manage client contract negotiations, she crafted messages to help us manage a few client interactions, all with kindness and professionalism. Even better, Kelly helped me understand my leadership style and identified actionable opportunities for growth. Kelly’s approach to conscious leadership consulting is unlike any other agency consultant out there. Her expertise was what we needed, right when we needed it—and I use her advice and recommendations in my work daily.

Dawn Putney
Dawn Putney
President & Lead Strategist, Toolbox Creative
Kelly Campbell Agency Consultant
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