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A media agency’s unique value proposition wasn’t crystallized, making it difficult to prospect and gain ideal referrals.

OCD Media uses marketing science to build integrated media programs, helping its clients use evidence-based decision-making to drive sales and measure success with many KPIs. Kelly stepped in to help the team with positioning and business development as part of a larger Agency Growth Consulting engagement.


Kelly’s work addressed three critical challenges for OCD Media:

• No defined market niche :
Without a defined market niche, OCD was struggling to control its pipeline and filter its prospects.

• Positioning messaging absent on website:
A website is one of the first places prospective clients go to learn more about a company and decide if they’re the right partner for a project or plan. OCD lacked positioning on its website, losing out on potential leads.

• Reliance on referrals:
Heavy reliance on referrals removes control over pipeline and projections from brand new business. It also indicates that a formalized business development strategy is needed in order to diversify streams of revenue and target ideal prospects.


Kelly worked with the entire OCD team to understand all aspects of the firm’s inner workings and ideal clients, then crafted and collaborated on positioning, tagline, mission and vision statements. She translated this information into an updated brand identity, buyer persona sheets, and a website optimized for both organic search and lead capture.

With the new buyer personas in hand, Kelly crafted the business development strategy for the agency focuses on proven outbound marketing techniques and tactics to mitigate historical reliance on referrals from personal and professional networks.

Kelly also recommended software tools for productivity, provided an Opportunity Brief template, and documented sales processes.


OCD Media has clear positioning in media strategy, planning and buying as a partner to consumer brands, healthcare organizations and agencies—helping them make “Media decisions with precision.” Messaging is extended to its new website and other sales enablement collateral, including concise verbiage that speaks to their prospects’ pain points. Visit ocdmedia.com.

We are thrilled with the process and outcomes of our engagement with Kelly Campbell. From day one our team bought into the process and her style got them to be honest and transparent about their issues. The process was clearly laid out for us and I, as the agency owner, was involved through every step. We are thrilled with the outcomes, our new website, our new positioning and our new path to growing the agency. Kelly has a great perspective and cares about delivering great work. I highly recommend her for any agency that wants to accelerate growth.

David Adelman, OCD Media
David Adelman
CEO, OCD Media
Kelly Campbell Agency Consultant
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