Relaunching an experiential agency’s furniture rental divisionDJUSA Design & Rentals

DJUSA experiential website case study
For the event design and furniture rentals division of an experiential agency, an outdated website provided a poor user experience for both prospects and administrators, and position on search engines was non-existent—giving competitors the constant edge.

The new site catapulted the division’s visibility online and tied the ancillary product and service offerings into the master brand. DJUSA Design & Rentals turned to Kelly Campbell for website project and SEO consulting to attract new leads and streamline its sales process.


DJUSA knew that the new division’s website represented a large and multi-faceted opportunity for the company. Kelly’s work addressed three critical challenges for DJUSA Design & Rentals:

• The sales process was inefficient and relied heavily on staff:
Prospects were unsure of what they needed in terms of event design services or furniture rental, and either called or emailed staff with questions because they couldn’t derive answers from the previous website. Staff then emailed a PDF catalog and scheduled a follow-up call to gather the information on which a quote would be based. The entire process unnecessarily extended the sales cycle and resulted in fewer conversions to contract.

• Lack of online visibility drove prospects to competitors:
The most significant challenge for a new site with a brand new domain is that there’s no trust built yet with the domain, content, quality of traffic and links. It can take several months to climb to Page 1 using white hat SEO tactics. The previous website was not mobile-responsive, utilized industry terminology, and categorized services and products in such a way that visitors bounced out and over to competitors’ sites for quotes.

• Administrators needed control without coding:
Since the DJUSA team wanted to maintain the site in-house—and had plenty of creative chops but no knowledge of web production or programming—the back-end of the site needed to be robust yet admin-friendly.


Kelly worked with the team to gain an understanding of their end clients’ needs. Starting with foundational, white hat SEO, Kelly educated the team on keyword relevance, research and analysis—and together they defined the target phrases, site architecture and content parameters.

Using WordPress as the content management system (CMS), Kelly customized the site to fit their exact needs, which included ecommerce functionality with the ability to submit a complete order as a detailed quote request. She then trained key team members on how to modify and add pages, blog posts, products, case studies and more as their needs grow. Video recordings were provided for future reference and/or new team members.


DJUSA Design & Rentals receives 10x the number of qualified leads on the new site compared to the previous site. The team is now empowered to run their business online without incurring additional costs, which also enables them to expand service and product offerings. Visit

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