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For the owner of an indie beauty brand development company, several coaching sessions helped establish an actionable plan that took the business to the next level.

Oyl + Water is a brand development agency, specializing in developing ethical, sustainable brands with strategic creative and content.

Founder and CEO Rachel Roberts Mattox hired Kelly Campbell as her Conscious Leadership Coach and Agency Growth Consultant to hone the firm’s positioning messaging, put operational structure in place and help develop Rachel as the conscious leader she is at the core.


Guiding conscious beauty entrepreneurs, Oyl + Water helps clients define who they are, what they stand for, who they’re speaking to, and how they’re saying it. They combine brand, messaging, packaging and content strategy to ensure client success online and at retail.

As the business started to grow, Rachel was overwhelmed, like most founders who find themselves in growth mode without a long-term plan or experience with delegation. She not only needed help with setting the foundation of healthy growth for the business, she was intent on creating better life-work integration.

Oyl and Water staff was comprised mainly of subcontractors at the onset. The company website was not optimized for organic search, and as a result, it was missing out on potential inbound leads from prospects looking for the very services offered by agency.

There was a tremendous opportunity for sustainable growth and profitability, but Rachel was unsure as to how to take the agency to the next level. She needed a solution that would get her mindset and business focused on moving forward efficiently and effectively.


Rachel decided that she needed an agency-specific leadership coach and was referred to Kelly through a colleague and former client of Kelly’s.Before she reached out, she listened to a few podcast episodes and felt that Kelly’s values were aligned with he own.

Kelly worked closely with Rachel, and their monthly coaching and consulting calls helped her to define short- and long-term goals and areas of desired change on a personal level. A shared action planning sheet keeps everything on track and hold project-owners accountable. Kelly helped Rachel discover for herself what was preventing her from stepping up and thinking, playing and dreaming big.

To help prospects understand Oyl + Water’s unique value proposition, Kelly focused on a positioning message that was clear and easy to understand. This both helps clarify what Oyl + Water has to offer clients, and it also allows prospects to either qualify or disqualify themselves.

Kelly worked with the agency’s go-to developer to optimize Oyl + Water’s new website for both inbound ideal leads and conversion. She performed in-depth keyword research, with the singular focus on prospect intent—attracting prospects actively looking to hire a beauty brand development agency. She collaborated with the team on copy for each page, which focused on the benefits to prospects.

Kelly also helped Rachel transform Oyl + Water by creating a new organizational structure. Some contract employees were hired as full-time, salaried staff. New team members were recruited to fill in gaps within the org chart. Each employee came to understand their role within the company and responsibilities, which allowed Rachel to focus on agency vision and new business.

In Q1 2022, Kelly will be developing a new business development strategy for Oyl+ Water and will work directly with Rachel to ensure continuous successful outcomes.


Oyl + Water now has a clear positioning message. Their new website is SEO optimized, bringing in more outbound traffic, which means more potential clients are finding them.

Several off-site retreats have happened and more are planned for the coming years—important for any all-remote agency.

Oyl + Water now has a strong, secure, and empathetic at the helm. In addition, because of her company’s transformation, Rachel has been able to take entire weeks off to spend time with her family, which was a huge priority.

Oyl + Water had their highest grossing month since inception toward the end of 2021, and overall revenue goals were surpassed.

What Rachel likes most about the relationship with Kelly is the focus on healing self-limiting beliefs and developing her conscious leadership style. Rachel appreciates Kelly’s ability to hold space as much as holding her accountable for behavioral change personally and within the construct of the agency.


Part business coach, part shaman, Kelly has been in the trenches of owning, scaling and selling an agency. She instantly earned my trust, being intimately familiar with the pain points unique to our industry. Her humanistic approach to business and leadership coaching has helped me understand my own leadership style, the choices I’ve made that have helped and hindered my company’s growth, and most importantly, the underlying reasons I made those choices in the first place. This has been critical to my evolution as a leader. Lastly, Kelly never ends a call without offering actionable guidance that I can implement immediately. I consider her an important member of my inner circle of advisors.

Rachel Roberts Mattox
Rachel Roberts Mattox
Founder and CEO, Oyl + Water
Kelly Campbell Agency Consultant
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