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For a new mediumship and energy work partnership, existing contacts weren’t enough for a successful launch; They needed a professional, inspiring identity to inform all marketing efforts both online and in print.

The efforts catapulted the niche wellness startup’s visibility both online and within its local community. Jackie Osborne and Lisa Detres turned to Kelly Campbell for branding and marketing to increase visibility and attract new clients and customers.


The biggest challenge for a small startup is resources—from budget constraints and staff to expertise in strategic marketing. The partners at The Open Spirit knew they could help more people in New York to discover their “intuitive self”, heal through energy work, and reach an overall higher level of consciousness if their brand and marketing approach detached itself from the stigma associated with the field. Kelly’s work addressed three critical challenges for The Open Spirit:

• Establish credibility from the onset:
The niche industry including both mediumship and energy work is rife with those who prey on vulnerable people seeking guidance and balance in their lives. Kelly worked collaboratively to create a unique, inspiring and professional brand identity and marketing plan and  that conveyed the benefits of their offerings and emotions experienced by clients.

• Guide the website project to be produced in-house:
Kelly worked with the partners to gain an understanding of their needs, which included explanatory content for those new to mediumship and energy work; a calendar for events and workshops; the ability to book online and accept payments for gift certificates.

• Educate on SEO to increase qualified traffic, clients and bookings:
Starting with foundational, white hat SEO, Kelly educated the clients on keyword relevance, research and analysis—and together they defined the target keywords and phrases, site architecture and content parameters.


Kelly Campbell combined best practices in digital marketing with a proactive approach to establishing a professional look and feel for The Open Spirit from the onset. The solution was to connect the brand with end clients in a way they could grasp, not fear or be skeptical of, and ultimately feel comfortable. The real reviews on the site for both Jackie’s and Lisa’s services proved invaluable in this effort as well.


The Open Spirit partners are now empowered to run and grow their new business, create new content and make decisions on workshop topics based on what their prospects and clients are searching for most in their lives. The business is growing on both the retail side and for energy healing and mediumship sessions, and the events and workshops are booked in advance through email and social media marketing efforts.

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Not only is Kelly an expert digital marketing strategist, she’s also an outstanding designer. The brand identity she created for The Open Spirit is visually captivating and has a strong emotional resonance with clients; she captured our vision perfectly. She’s very detailed oriented, professional and gets the job done efficiently.

Jackie Osborne, The Open Spirit
Jackie Osborne
Partner, The Open Spirit

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