EP 11: From Cold Email to Close, with Travis Piepho

Kelly talks effective lead generation with Travis Piepho of Prospectr Marketing on this episode of THRIVE | The Agency Scaler Podcast. If you have questions about targeting, segmentation, database cleansing, automation, deliverability, warm vs. cold email messaging and standard conversion rates, tune in!

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Episode 11 Links

Prospectr Marketing: prospectrmarketing.com
Litmus Email Design & Testing: litmus.com
SendForensics Email Deliverability Solutions: sendforensics.com
EmailOversight Email Validation and Data Appends: emailoversight.com
SendGrid Email Delivery Service: sendgrid.com
Campaign Monitor Email Marketing Software: campaignmonitor.com
Mailgun Email API Service for Developers: mailgun.com
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Author: Kelly Campbell
Kelly Campbell is an agency scaling consultant based in New York. A former digital agency owner for 15 years, she helps creative agencies and environmental nonprofits to scale by increasing online visibility, internal efficiency and streams of income. She brings the rare trifecta of keen creative and technical know-how, proven business development strategy, and a deep passion for social impact. Kelly has been a writer for Under30CEO.com and featured in AOL Health, The New York Times, Woman Entrepreneur and Forbes.com. She is the host of THRIVE | The Agency Scaler Podcast. Most recently, she is a Climate Reality Leader trained by Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project.

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