Google’s New Priority: Mobile Search

google prioritizes mobile search

In its latest update, Google will be splitting its index in order to prioritize mobile search over desktop search—in a “quest to create a better mobile experience”.

Once split, Google will be updating the mobile version of its index at warp speed, while the desktop index will become less of a priority and therefore updated much less frequently.


Since April 2015’s “Mobilegeddon”, when Google essentially mandated that every site become responsive or offer a mobile-friendly version, the search engine has been moving in a mobile-first direction. The secondary takeaway here is that Google is also finally adapting to what SEO’s have been seeing for years: mobile search has overtaken its desktop counterpart.

Tablet Usage

There’s been no mention of tablets in particular, though not surprising since we’ve seen a sharp decline of search volume on those devices. Perhaps we can attribute that to media consumption, casting and gaming on tablets as opposed to search behavior.

What Should Site Owners Do?

Either way, Google’s new priority for mobile search means that SEOs and website owners should follow suit. The bare minimum of having a responsive site or mobile version is simply not enough to keep pace:

  • Speed: Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology
  • Fast-track indexing: Get listed on Google News
  • On-page SEO: Get your site in shape before the split


Author: Kelly Campbell
Kelly Campbell is an Agency Growth Consultant based in New York. A former digital agency owner for 15 years, she helps creative and tech agencies transform—focusing on people, positioning, pipeline and profitability. Kelly is also an IA/SEO consultant to Facebook and NASA. She writes for Website Magazine, speaks at digital marketing and agency growth conferences across the U.S., and has been featured in The New York Times, Woman Entrepreneur and Forbes. She is the host of THRIVE: Your Agency Resource, a bi-weekly video podcast sponsored by Workamajig that helps agency owners navigate growth.

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