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This article was written by guest author, Josh Haynam of Interact Quiz Builder.

Your email list is one of the most important owned media assets of your business. An average website has a conversion rate of 2%—meaning that 2 out of every 100 visitors will actually take some action. The other 98% are lost unless you get them on your email list and can gradually nurture them along until they’re ready to take action.

But how do you get the “other 98” to opt-in to your email list?

That’s where quizzes come in. As co-founder of Interact I’ve seen quizzes generate millions of new email subscribers, and a very clear picture has emerged of how a quiz should be set up in order to get the highest number of opt-ins.

Let’s walk through the formula for a perfect list building quiz.

I’m going to use an example called “What’s Your Freelancer Superpower?” to illustrate this piece because that quiz in particular has delivered some amazing results for our clients so it’s an ideal candidate for showing the proper way to set everything up.

1. The Quiz Title (and Idea)

The first step in building a quiz is to develop the theme. Over the years I’ve developed a foolproof formula for developing quiz ideas/titles and it goes like this.

First, define your audience in two to three words. For example, “Business Owners” or “Fashion Enthusiasts”.

Second, create a quiz title in the format of “Which (Blank) Are You?” or “What Type of (Blank) Are You?” where the blank is the name of your audience from the first step. For example “What Kind of Business Owner Are You?” or “What Kind of Fashion Enthusiast Are You?”

The reason people like taking quizzes so much is because they get to learn about themselves. Putting a quiz in the format of “What (Blank) Are You?” guarantees that the person will get to learn about themselves—and thus has massive appeal.

2. The Quiz Questions

This is my favorite part because it’s where you get to have a conversation with quiz takers to see if you are a good mutual fit for business. I’ve got three key points for how to write quiz questions that will unlock the full potential of this prequalification.

First, write to a person. You write differently when drafting a letter to a friend than when you are writing a blog post for a massive audience. The trick to getting out of your own head and writing to one person is to think of an individual who you think would like taking your quiz and write the questions as if you were asking them in person. Ideally it’s a real person and you can send the quiz to them as a test.

Second, write seven questions. This will take your quiz takers two minutes to complete, which is the perfect amount of time to get them interested in seeing their personality result, but not so long that they’ll get bored and leave.

Third, write the question in text and each answer as an image. Emulate the screenshot below where it says “Which is most appealing?” and below that the answer choices are represented by images. We did a study and found that all 100 of the top 100 quizzes ever built with Interact have at least one question in this format. It works!

3. The Quiz Opt-In Form

This is what we’re all here for, and if a quiz is done right it can convert at 50% or higher, which is absolutely insane. However, it all comes down to this opt-in form, which shows up after the last question of the quiz but before the results are revealed. Here’s how to craft this opt-in form for highest conversion rate.

The Opt-In Form Header
The largest and most prominent thing on the opt-in form is the header text. This part should be simple, such as “Enter Your Email To Reveal Your (Title of Audience) Personality”.

The Opt-In Form Sub-Header
In the rest of the opt-in form text you want to tell people how you are going to help them based on their unique personality. For example “We’ll send you tips on how to be a better business owner based on your unique personality.” Nothing complicated, just tell them you’ll help them out based on who they are as a unique person.

Leave it Optional!
Don’t fight me on this, okay? Never force anyone to opt-in if they don’t want to.

4. The Quiz Results

Once someone opts in or skips the opt-in step, they’ll be immediately taken to their results screen. No one wants to wait for an email report and you should give people the instant gratification they crave. Here’s how to make sure your results don’t disappoint.

First, write a positive description. No one wants to see (or share) a quiz result that is negative. Quiz results are very personal because your audience has answered personal questions in order to get to this point, so they want to hear how great they are. The secret to positive results is simply to focus on the good aspects of their responses and avoid the less than ideal ones.

Second, write the results in list format. Do you know the other type of content that is shared the most, aside from quizzes? It’s lists. If you write your quiz results in list format, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

5. Promoting the Quiz

There are three main ways to promote quizzes that work really well for harnessing traffic and getting emails.

As an Announcement Bar on Your Website
This is my favorite promotion option because it’s non-intrusive but also noticeable enough that it works. You simply add an announcement bar to the top of your site promoting your quiz with a button to take it.

As a Pop-in on Your Website
Website pop-ins, or interstitials, work really well in general—despite being annoying and controversial in the digital marketing world. If you show a tasteful quiz as a website pop-in, it can be extremely effective for list building.

As a Facebook Ad
I’ve seen quizzes bring in leads from Facebook at $0.12 each. That’s an insanely low cost per acquisition (CPA)—and an anomaly, however, we consistently receive feedback from people that quizzes are their most effective Facebook ads of all time. Since quizzes are so incredibly popular on the platform anyway, they make perfect sense as ads.

A Quick Note On the Recent Facebook Quiz Scandal

In 2015 Facebook exposed the data of 87 million users to Cambridge Analytica through a loophole that was opened by a quiz. The quiz asked people to sign in with Facebook and everyone who signed in to the quiz, along with all of their friends and friends of friends were exposed to Cambridge Analytica, who used that data to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Interact quizzes are not like that. If we ask for data you have to physically input your information in order for it to be given over and you always have the option not to. If a quiz built with Interact does collect information from manual entry, the only entity that has access to that information is the company that built the quiz—not Interact, not anyone else, and that will never change.

Most people don’t convert into leads the first time they visit your site, and if you don’t capture their contact information, the potential opportunity is lost. Quiz marketing is an engaging way to pre-qualify your prospects a bit and establish contact so you can potentially make a sale further down the line. If you’d like to try your hand at creating a quiz, check out Interact.

Author: Josh Haynam
Josh Haynam is the co-founder of Interact Quiz Builder, a 6 year-old quiz platform used by 50,000 companies around the world. He's an accomplished writer and public speaker, having been featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine among others. Outside of the Internet world Josh is an old soul, spending every possible minute offline and outside.

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