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Conscious Leadership Coach +
Agency Growth Consultant

For creative, media or technology agency leaders who are up-leveling through personal growth work, trying to move through a plateau or dealing with a transformation within the firm, a hybrid coach-consultant can provide exactly the kind of help that’s needed for the very things you’ve been contemplating.

You’ve learned that business demands change constantly. There are unexpected hurdles and plateaus that even the most successful leaders have difficulty pushing past.

Conscious Leadership Coaching + Agency Growth Consulting focuses on effective leadership and business success as a healing journey.

Tailored to your needs on a bi-weekly basis, together we reframe and work through what’s holding you back so that life and work can finally feel more integrated, relationships can flow more smoothly, and you can define what success means for you and your agency.

As your agency consultant and self-transformation coach, we identify and break down the barriers that keep you from realizing your potential as a human—and as a leader.

Yes! An Agency-Focused Conscious Leadership Coach

As an established agency leader, you understand better than anyone the elements of your current situation and the growth you’ve achieved or have yet to achieve. You know what’s making you happy as well as what’s keeping you up at night.

I blend a unique combination of 14 years experience as a digital marketing agency owner (sold in 2016), first-hand experience with behavioral therapies, trauma-informed coaching training, Jungian shadow work, Buddhist psychology, contemplative science and human-centered business development.

An assessment of the current changes within the agency will investigate agency themes and desired growth for the future. This type of self-investigation is helpful in the process of seeking future opportunities for business and personal growth.

Identifying your position in the market and creating a strategy to move forward within your niche can help your agency pull out of a rut or undergo a complete transformation. An effective plan will show you how to prioritize which concerns to approach first and visualize possible opportunities to take advantage of. Our shared Action Planning Google Sheet will keep your new plan on track.

Alternating, Bi-Weekly Sessions

Immersive monthly sessions (one 60-minute coaching session and one 60-minute consulting session) provide the space to investigate the problems you are currently facing. You’ll send your agenda a day or two in advance so that I can review, formulate follow-up questions, and ensure the most effective discussion—always starting with grounding through the breath. Whether you’re stuck in a period of stagnant growth or working through a major business and/or personal transformation, our in-depth calls every other week will helps to work through the issues affecting your short- and long-term success.

Coaching: The coaching relationship serves to compound existing successes and release what’s no longer serving you. In this container, my role is to hold space for you to explore areas of desired change, engage in compassionate inquiry, empower you as the subject matter expert of your own life, and align on your commitments and actions. Might past emotional experiences be holding you back? Maybe perfectionist tendencies, appeasing others, or fear of failure (or fear of success / upper limiting) are getting in your way. Let’s find out.

Consulting: As opposed to the coaching container, when I have my consultant’s hat on, I’m game to advise, help you problem-solve, provide solutions, and act as mentor and guide for any business question that may arise—from purpose,  positioning and people to pipeline and profitability (and anything in between). We’ll collaborate asynchronously on whatever we determine is needed to stabilize or sustainably grow your agency. This is different for every agency!

Consultative Support + Resource Roster

When your life and business are both firing on all cylinders, you don’t need a life-line. However, if you’re processing conflict just after the fact or have concerns about trying a new approach and need some guidance, I’m available to you by text, email, or phone during working hours on weekdays. Of course, if you need to talk after hours or on the weekend to discuss an urgent matter, I will always create time for us.

Between our Zoom calls, the amount of communication you need is up to you. Perhaps, you’re busiest when implementing a new plan and need some time to get things going. Continued support is designed to meet your needs as they arise throughout the coaching/consulting hybrid service. This unique approach will allow you the utmost control when working with changes in your agency.

As a full-time agency leader with a life as well, the way you communicate is an important convenience. Whether you work best by phone, text, email, (or any combination of the three), support is available when you need it. You are not alone in this, as you’ll finally have the opportunity to share ideas with a trusted advisor.

I also have a Resource Roster to help any agency fill specific capacity gaps, nearly on-demand. These include individual talent for production, hired gun consultants, as well other specialist agencies. Need to contract a veteran ecommerce project manager for a robust, six-month project? No problem. From brand architects, development firms and copywriting teams to strategists, animation houses, prospect list agents and more, my personally vetted network has you covered.

A Targeted Approach

Conscious Leadership Coaching + Agency Growth Consulting is designed to give established agency leaders ongoing, one-on-one support to work through brand new, repetitive or particularly difficult issues. Whether you’re attempting a major transformation or climbing steadily with continued growth, someone who’s been in your shoes and navigated the terrain well can help your agency thrive.

I’ve tried to create a unique experience tailored to meet your current needs—on your time schedule and in the style that works best for you. The program is an affordable investment that can help you push past a plateau and rise to the next level of what you determine success to be.

Part business coach, part shaman, Kelly has been in the trenches of owning, scaling and selling an agency. She instantly earned my trust, being intimately familiar with the pain points unique to our industry. Her humanistic approach to business and leadership coaching has helped me understand my own leadership style, the choices I’ve made that have helped and hindered my company’s growth, and most importantly, the underlying reasons I made those choices in the first place. This has been critical to my evolution as a leader. Lastly, Kelly never ends a call without offering actionable guidance that I can implement immediately. I consider her an important member of my inner circle of advisors.

Rachel Roberts Mattox
Rachel Roberts Mattox
Founder and CEO, Oyl + Water
Kelly Campbell Agency Consultant
How Can I Help?

Are you looking to grow your creative, media or tech agency—while doing some work on yourself to lead effectively? You’re speaking my love language. Let’s talk!

Nobody tells you how to start a digital agency. You do good work, service your clients well and hope it naturally grows. And, for a while, it magically does. Then you reach a point where you just don’t know how to get to the next stage without serious help. Kelly Campbell is serious help. With 14 years of building and growing her own digital agency and several years teaching other agency owners how to face their challenges, there’s nary an issue that she has not faced. She delivers her wisdom with a healthy spoonful of tough love and knows how to lead a stubborn mule to water. She’s intuitive, a splendid listener, and a consummate networker on her client’s behalf. She’s worth every penny, and then some.

Todd Anthony
Todd Anthony
Executive Creative Director, Pinwheel