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Conscious Leadership Coaching

For creative or technology agency leaders who are up-leveling through personal growth work, trying to move through a plateau or dealing with a transformation within the firm, a coaching relationship can provide exactly the kind of help that’s needed for the very things you’ve been contemplating.

You’ve learned that business demands change constantly. There are unexpected hurdles and plateaus that even the most successful companies have difficulty pushing past.

Conscious Leadership Coaching works on the same principles as the signature Agency Growth Consulting service —personal development, purpose, positioning, people, pipeline and profitability — with a focus on leadership as a healing journey.

Tailored to your needs on a month-to-month basis, together we reframe and work through the temporary setbacks within your life and agency.

As your business and self-transformation coach, we identify and break down the barriers that keep you from realizing your potential as a human and as a leader.

Benefits of Conscious Leadership Coaching

As an established agency leader, you understand better than anyone the elements of your current situation and the growth you’ve achieved or have yet to achieve. You and I both know what’s making you happy as well as what’s keeping you up at night.

The coaching relationship serves to compound existing successes and remove what’s no longer serving you—with a targeted approach to work past temporary changes within the company and for yourself. Perhaps a completely in-house team isn’t what your agency currently needs. Maybe there are past experiences holding you back, personally, due to fear of failure or fear of success.

I blend a unique combination of 14 years experience as an agency owner, first-hand experience with traditional and behavioral therapies, trauma-informed shadow work, Buddhist psychology, contemplative science and human-centered business development.

An assessment of the current changes within the agency will investigate agency themes and desired growth for the future. This type of self-investigation is helpful in the process of seeking future opportunities for business and personal growth.

Identifying your position in the market and creating a strategy to move forward within your niche can help your agency pull out of a rut or undergo a complete transformation. An effective plan will show you how to prioritize which concerns to approach first and visualize possible opportunities to take advantage of. Setting up a schedule will keep your new plan on track.

Monthly Call

Immersive monthly phone consultations (one 60-minute or two 30-minute calls) provide the space to investigate the problems you are currently facing. You’ll send your agenda a day or two in advance so that I can review, formulate follow-up questions, and ensure the most effective discussion—always starting with grounding through the breath. Whether you’re stuck in a period of stagnant growth or working through a major business and/or personal transformation, an in-depth monthly call helps to work through the issues affecting your short- and long-term success.

Consultative Support

When your business is firing on all cylinders, you don’t need a life-line. However, if you’re processing conflict just after the fact or have concerns about trying a new approach and need additional consultation, I’m available to you by text, email, or phone during working hours on weekdays. Of course, if you need to talk after hours or on the weekend, I will always create time for us.

After your initial monthly phone call, the amount of communication you need is up to you. Perhaps, you’re busiest when implementing a new plan and need some time to get things going. Continued support is designed to meet your needs as they arise throughout the coaching service. This unique approach will allow you the utmost control when working with changes in your agency.

As a full-time agency leader with a life as well, the way you communicate is an important convenience. Whether you work best by phone, text, email, (or any combination of the three), support is available when you need it. You are not alone in this, as you’ll finally have the opportunity to share ideas with a trusted advisor. If you have early questions regarding niche positioning or your insecurities lie in the final profitability of a big change, you will get clear answers and peace of mind.

A Targeted Approach

Conscious Leadership Coaching is designed to give established agency leaders ongoing, one-on-one coaching to work past particularly difficult issues. Whether you’re attempting a major transformation or climbing steadily with continued growth, trusted advice can help your agency thrive.

I’ve tried to create a unique experience tailored to meet your current need—on your time schedule and in the style that works best for you. The program is an affordable investment that can help you push past a plateau and rise to the next level of what you determine success to be.

After starting, scaling, and selling my own New York based digital agency within 14 years, I love helping other agency leaders succeed in business and life. I work with a unique approach to finding patterns and making long-term changes that strike a balance of productivity and satisfaction. My past experience allows me to quickly recognize progress gaps and offer cost-efficient solutions. Conscious Leadership Coaching can offer you the amount of help that you need at the critical moments when you need it most. I am committed to helping you transform your creative or tech agency into the success you’ve been working for.

The reason I hired Kelly versus the hundreds of other consultants out there is that when it comes to scaling an agency, she’s actually done it. She built her own highly successful agency piece by piece, and that kind of experience is invaluable. But not only does she share her knowledge; she holds me accountable – and I’m already seeing results. If you’re an agency owner that’s looking to grow, I highly recommend her.

Lou Kotsinis, BCS Ineractive
Lou Kotsinis
Co-Founder, BCS Interactive
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How Can I Help?

Are you looking to transform or scale your creative or tech agency? Do you want stronger positioning, more ideal clients, happier teams, and higher profit margins? Let’s hop on a call.

If you have started an agency and realize that you may be the bottleneck, or if you are the accidental CEO of a creative agency and feel like you have fallen backward into chaos, Kelly is the optimal coach for you. Her insight and passion are palpable, her compassion is consistent, and her industry knowledge is extensive. Hiring Kelly is one of the best investments I’ve made as an agency owner.

Bridget Dougherty
Bridget Dougherty
Founder, JBM Marketing Consultants