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Website Project Consulting

A truly seamless user experience can be accomplished on your website when there’s attention given to every moving part—from the aesthetic itself and responsiveness on mobile devices to sleek and dynamic functionality that provides impressive fluidity to your prospect.

Most B2B websites need increased leads; most B2C websites need increased sales; and most non-profit websites need increased donations and volunteers. They all share a common ground in that significant increases are guaranteed—when every nuance is addressed.

From SEO, conversion optimization and performance enhancements to clear, concise and compelling messaging: everything matters. There is no magic bullet solution. There are best practices to be followed and continual A/B testing to be performed to get your site at peak performance.

If you have an upcoming web project—or you’re entrenched in an existing project that isn’t running quite right—I can help get things back on track and ensure that project is done the right way, the first time.

I work with in-house teams, existing vendors, or can make vendor recommendations for any need that arises. You’ll come to rely on me to listen first, ask questions, collaborate, manage projects, step into a creative or technical direction role, handle SEO or conversion optimization. Ultimately, my job as your web project consultant is to increase visibility, income and efficiency for your organization.

Website Project Consulting: Former Digital Agency Owner, 100% Client Satisfaction Rate

Web Project Consulting

Organizations may not realize all of the moving parts of a website project and are often surprised by the possibilities I present to them—from design direction and conversion optimization to lead capture tactics. After running a full-service web development and digital marketing agency for 15 years, I can step in to handle the following:

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    Is your organization experiencing web, SEO or digital marketing challenges? Share an overview and let’s set up a time to talk.

    Nobody tells you how to start a digital agency. You do good work, service your clients well and hope it naturally grows. And, for a while, it magically does. Then you reach a point where you just don’t know how to get to the next stage without serious help. Kelly Campbell is serious help. With 14 years of building and growing her own digital agency and several years teaching other agency owners how to face their challenges, there’s nary an issue that she has not faced. She delivers her wisdom with a healthy spoonful of tough love and knows how to lead a stubborn mule to water. She’s intuitive, a splendid listener, and a consummate networker on her client’s behalf. She’s worth every penny, and then some.

    Todd Anthony
    Todd Anthony
    Executive Creative Director, Pinwheel

    We knew our studio needed greater focus to reach a larger audience, but we didn’t realize our web presence was turning off potential leads. Kelly helped us completely refine our positioning, identify our core industries, and narrow down our unwieldy laundry list of services. Kelly was a patient listener and essential partner during our website redesign, which now serves as a useful tool to visitors to learn more about their own business needs. We can’t thank Kelly enough for her continued support well after our work together was finalized.

    Caleb Heisey
    Caleb Heisey
    Owner and Principal, Good Bones Studio

    My team and I have worked with Kelly over the span of many years. Her knowledge of agency life, what to do, what not to do, where to focus your time and more are extremely valuable. During the time I’ve worked with her, Kelly has provided high quality referrals that have turned into profitable relationships. You would do well to give her a chance to make an impact for your business.

    Matt Cherepanya
    Associate Director, Vaco

    Never have I worked with an SEO and marketing consultant as proficient, whip-smart, and delightful to work with as Kelly Campbell—and my company, Watson Adventures, has been in business since 1999. Her samurai skills proved especially valuable when the pandemic put a complete halt to our real-world team building scavenger hunts and other games. We pivoted furiously into virtual games, and thanks to Kelly’s guidance our website and other marketing efforts rapidly adapted to attract weaves of new clients with new needs, while getting a fresh look from past clients. We’ve reached new markets and have restored vigorous growth to our bottom line. I can’t recommend Kelly too highly.

    Bret Watson
    Bret Watson
    Owner, Watson Adventures

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