Top 5 Donor Management Platforms

top donor management platforms

As your non-profit organization grows, there’s a good chance you may also outgrow your donor management platform. If you don’t already use a modern system that streamlines your fundraising, donor management, marketing and reporting, you’ll especially love this post.

Today’s platforms make life easier for development and communications offices—giving you more time to reach out to major donors, find new people who believe in your mission, and discover new ways to convey impact.

A great donor management platform ensures that things don’t slip through the cracks and that your organization can function efficiently. And it should never strain your annual budget. Here are the best 5 donor management platforms, any one of which will increase efficiency across nonprofit functions.

Network for Good

With Network for Good, you will have robust fundraising software and tools. This application is ideal for smaller non-profits, which is not to say that you will not have access to powerful and useful resources to aid your fundraising efforts.

Network for Good provides donation page software, donor management software, and peer-to-peer fundraising software. Additionally, you’ll be able to make the most of their many non-profit fundraising resources, including webinars, guides, courses, and informative blog posts.

With the CRM software, non-profits have the tools to target new donors without compromising on efforts to retain existing donors. The software will make sending messages to your email list, storing data about your donors, and segmenting your subscribers easy. You’ll also be able to use this donor management system to generate reports.

Depending on your needs, you can expect to pay $79/month to $170/month.

Little Green Light

This application describes itself as: “The donor management system you’ve been looking for.” If you are looking for a management system that you can get up and running quickly, is easy to use, and can streamline your workload, this may well be for you.

Despite being easy to use, Little Green Light provides its users with a lot of functionality. It is a powerhouse that you can use to raise money and communicate with subscribers. You can also use it to simplify raising money, to set up web forms and send out communications, and to manage gifts, grants, and events.

The software will also help you to accept donations online and offline, at the same time as helping you to gather insights into your donors.

Part of its ease of use comes from the fact that it will integrate with well-known software such as MailChimp, SendGrid, and WealthEngine.

Depending on how many constituents you track with this system, it will cost between $39/month and $89/month.


Many non-profit organizations can put so much time and effort into targeting new donors and planning events, they can neglect investment in their existing donor relationships. In most cases, it can be more cost-effective to look after existing contacts than to keep searching for new donors.

If you want to focus on the relationships that you’ve already built, Bloomerang has the functionality you need. It contains tools to improve your donor retention rate and will lead to less time spent entering new donor information into a database.

Signing up for the software gives users access to the CRM, as well as communication technology, social media management tools, and online donation forms that can be embedded on your website. Learn which of your donors are the most engaged and which would benefit from special attention.

Pricing ranges from $99/month to $499/month.

Salsa CRM

One look at the dashboard of Salsa CRM will give you an insight into what this donor management system can do for your non-profit. Say goodbye to organizational issues with this robust, flexible software that provides donor management, communications, and impressive mobility.

It also provides powerful online fundraising and digital marketing tools to help you target and build relationships with donors.

Help from Salsa CRM will cost between $179/month and $249/month.


With its cloud-based functionality and a mobile app, NeonCRM will suit modern users who need to be able to perform fundraising effectively on-the-go. This software helps non-profits engage their donors, plan events, and track volunteers. It will also handle the creation of membership programs.

NeonCRM facilitates outgoing communications to donors, peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, and report generation. It also integrates well with QuickBooks!

Unlike other donor management systems, this company also offers web design services and will provide training to help non-profits run more effectively.

Depending on your needs, this robust tool is priced between $50/month and $200/month.

Whichever platform you choose to assist with your donor management, you and your staff will have more time to focus on the areas that are most important to your non-profit. Not least of all, you’ll have time to build relationships with your donors, manage their contributions, and improve your interactions with them to increase your efficiency across the board.

Author: Kelly Campbell
Kelly Campbell is an Agency Leader Transformation Coach based in New York. The former owner of a cause marketing agency for 14 years, she helps creative leaders transform their businesses and their lives—focusing on the 5 P's: purpose, people, positioning, pipeline and profitability. She speaks at agency growth conferences across the country, has been featured in The New York Times, Woman Entrepreneur and Forbes, gets vulnerable on Medium, and is currently authoring her first book on reframing leadership. She is the host of THRIVE: Your Agency Resource, a bi-weekly video podcast sponsored by Workamajig that helps agency owners navigate personal and professional growth.

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