Client Testimonials

Kristian Aloma

“Kelly has been the best coach I’ve ever had. She helped me see how my life experiences—no matter how well I’ve adjusted to them—have informed my [leadership] style. And we worked through it together. I can honestly say I am a different manager now. I am clearer about the root of my style, and more equipped to become a better manager in the future.”

Kristian A. Alomà, Ph.D.
Founder, Threadline

“Kelly helped me clarify a year’s worth of jumbled ideas. Through her masterful inquiry, we refined priorities along the way, and organized my vision around my passion, purpose, and calling. All the while, she was able to foster a sense of connection and excitement between seemingly separate projects and ideas. I left our Reset session feeling clear, focused, passionate, and enlivened!”

Fereshta Ramsey
Relationship & Shadow Work Coach

“The customized workshop that Kelly designed and delivered for our project managers and leadership was awesome! She hit all the right notes, and the team was super engaged and energized by the content. She helps us all develop as individuals, and collectively get stronger as a profitable company.”

Marc Debiak
CEO, Paper Tiger
Lou Kotsinis, CEO, BCS Interactive

It’s hard to put into words how profound an impact Kelly has had on me and my leadership. I feel she was born to do this work — uncovering what’s holding you back and then challenging you to be your best self. If you’re looking to become a more conscious leader, Kelly’s guidance is the best investment you can make.

Lou Kotsinis
CEO, BCS Interactive

“I wanted someone who had been there, done that, and Kelly understood our unique pain points. She not only helped us manage client contract negotiations, she crafted messaging to help us manage a few client interactions, all with kindness and professionalism. Even better, Kelly helped me understand my leadership style and identified actionable opportunities for growth. Kelly’s approach to conscious leadership is unlike any other coach out there. Her expertise was what we needed, right when we needed it—and I use her advice and recommendations in my work daily.”

Dawn Putney
President & Lead Strategist, Toolbox Creative

“You reach a point where you just don’t know how to get to the next stage without serious help. Kelly Campbell is serious help. With 14 years of building and growing her own digital agency and several years teaching other agency owners how to face their challenges, there’s nary an issue that she has not faced. She delivers her wisdom with a healthy spoonful of tough love and knows how to lead a stubborn mule to water. She’s intuitive, a splendid listener, and a consummate networker on her client’s behalf. She’s worth every penny, and then some.”

Todd Anthony
Executive Creative Director, Pinwheel

“Since our engagement, we’ve seen success in our food brand development initiatives, the website is drawing new client inquiries, and that part of our business is growing significantly. The proof is in the pudding for us, and the results are new clients that feel very connected to us as an agency, our mission and who they’ll partner with. Kelly’s unique offering allowed us to meet our agency’s goals while helping us identify our shortcomings as leaders. She has a really good sense of the right questions to ask, where to push to dig a little deeper, and how to get real about blind spots.”

Mary Ames West
Partner, People and Operations, Active Ingredients

“I knew I was feeling stuck, and I wanted—needed—to see the path ahead with greater clarity. What came from that session was beyond what I could have ever expected. Kelly extracted the boldest vision that I held for my future, and then enhanced it. She helped me see how to get from where I am today to where I’m called to go. Not just in my profession, but in my life’s purpose. I admit that doubt surfaced; I doubted that I could achieve this vision. I questioned if I was the rightful owner of this dream. Kelly helped me see that this dream indeed belonged to me, but was bigger than me… it was about serving others. And this made it real. It made it all make sense. And it gave me a deep sense of purpose and determination that I haven’t felt to this degree in this lifetime.”

Rachel Roberts Mattox
Go To Market Strategist, Brand Advisor

“Kelly takes a genuine interest in your business and your life. She pushes and encourages empathetically. She will jump on the phone when I need quick counsel, we are generating quality warm leads, and we now have a cohesive, focused plan for growth. Kelly has changed my business and has been my greatest investment to-date.”

Stacie McCracken
Founder, McCracken

“Kelly helped me cut through the noise in my head to define the next steps in my impact work. She is safe, kind, nonjudgemental, and smart; Gifted, experienced, and fun! She asked all the right questions to guide me to my truth. Find a way to collaborate with her for your own Reset.”

Rena DeLevie
Compassionate Leadership Coach
Jodi Katz

“Kelly helped me figure out what the future of my work looks like, and what I need to do as a leader to get there. Most importantly, I’m making these goals grounded by what gives me the most joy. Kelly deeply understands what motivates me and honors my agency and personal values to drive these initiatives.”

Jodi Katz
Founder & Creative Director, Base Beauty Creative Agency