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As an agency owner, it’s easy to focus so intently on every facet of running the business, that looking at things holistically, objectively, and strategically becomes an afterthought. Enter Kelly, who has already been a successful agency owner, and who was tasked with helping to fill those gaps. When I partnered with her, she took a thorough, top-to-bottom look at where we were at as a company, and where we could enhance or tweak so as to better serve both our clients and employees- because, as everyone knows (or should), a solid, happy team is as important as its leader. Kelly took the time to truly understand both our external and internal strengths and struggles, and from there, make thoughtful, smart, and at times, intuitive recommendations. She brought an informed perspective in tandem with a toolkit that’s been helpful in transforming our approach to day-to-day essential tasks geared towards growth. Experienced, engaging, magnetic, and utterly likable are just some of the qualities that make Kelly an excellent consultant and a still-trusted resource.

Maria Quinn Shaw
Maria Quinn Shaw
Founder, Mammoth

If you have started an agency and realize that you may be the bottleneck, or if you are the accidental CEO of a creative agency and feel like you have fallen backward into chaos, Kelly is the optimal coach for you. Her insight and passion are palpable, her compassion is consistent, and her industry knowledge is extensive. Hiring Kelly is one of the best investments I’ve made as an agency owner.

Bridget Dougherty
Bridget Dougherty
Founder, JBM Marketing Consultants

Nobody tells you how to start a digital agency. You do good work, service your clients well and hope it naturally grows. And, for a while, it magically does. Then you reach a point where you just don’t know how to get to the next stage without serious help. Kelly Campbell is serious help. With 14 years of building and growing her own digital agency and several years teaching other agency owners how to face their challenges, there’s nary an issue that she has not faced. She delivers her wisdom with a healthy spoonful of tough love and knows how to lead a stubborn mule to water. She’s intuitive, a splendid listener, and a consummate networker on her client’s behalf. She’s worth every penny, and then some.

Todd Anthony
Todd Anthony
Executive Creative Director, Pinwheel

We knew our studio needed greater focus to reach a larger audience, but we didn’t realize our web presence was turning off potential leads. Kelly helped us completely refine our positioning, identify our core industries, and narrow down our unwieldy laundry list of services. Kelly was a patient listener and essential partner during our website redesign, which now serves as a useful tool to visitors to learn more about their own business needs. We can’t thank Kelly enough for her continued support well after our work together was finalized.

Caleb Heisey
Caleb Heisey
Owner and Principal, Good Bones Studio

My team and I have worked with Kelly over the span of many years. Her knowledge of agency life, what to do, what not to do, where to focus your time and more are extremely valuable. During the time I’ve worked with her, Kelly has provided high quality referrals that have turned into profitable relationships. You would do well to give her a chance to make an impact for your business.

Matt Cherepanya
Associate Director, Vaco

Never have I worked with an SEO and marketing consultant as proficient, whip-smart, and delightful to work with as Kelly Campbell—and my company, Watson Adventures, has been in business since 1999. Her samurai skills proved especially valuable when the pandemic put a complete halt to our real-world team building scavenger hunts and other games. We pivoted furiously into virtual games, and thanks to Kelly’s guidance our website and other marketing efforts rapidly adapted to attract weaves of new clients with new needs, while getting a fresh look from past clients. We’ve reached new markets and have restored vigorous growth to our bottom line. I can’t recommend Kelly too highly.

Bret Watson
Bret Watson
Owner, Watson Adventures

To know Kelly is to be blessed with not only an immense talent in our industry, but an even better human being. She knows her stuff and helps guide her clients to fantastic outcomes, in addition she is a trusted ally and friend. I’ve known Kelly now for about a year and a half. We’ve broken bread together, I follow her podcast religiously and she’s given of her time to help a client of ours that needed help…no questions asked. What more could you ask from an advisor and friend. I regard Kelly as an advisor who listens, learns and thrives in the knowledge that she’s helping those around her. She’s been through the wars as an agency owner and is highly knowledgable (as well as reasonable) in solving all kinds of issues related to a high stress business. Highly recommend Kelly and am thankful to have her in my sphere of influence.

Darren Magarro
Darren Magarro
Founder & President, DSM

Kelly honed our positioning, updated our branding and clarified the clients we serve best. As a knowledgeable agency owner, she uniquely understands the business while coming to the table with tangible ideas to put into action immediately. Kelly is a secret weapon to leading agency owners that want to level up their business.

Tracy Yates, Boost Experiential
Tracy Yates
Founder, Boost Experiential

I cannot recommend Kelly enough. Almost immediately after engaging with her services, we started closing higher-profile accounts at larger rates than we ever have before. Our team is stronger than ever. Kelly is like a therapist not only for your agency but for you personally. I always look forward to our regular check-ins. We even invited her to speak at a conference we organized, and she was one of our top-rated speakers.

Rodney Hess, VP Rally Marketing
Rodney Hess
President, Rally Marketing

Kelly is helping me figure out what the future of my business looks like from a growth perspective and what I need to do as a leader to get it there. Most importantly, I’m making these goals grounded by what gives me the most joy. Kelly deeply understands what motivates me and honors my agency and personal values to drive these initiatives. I love working with coaches, and have already hired Kelly to work directly with my COO so, as a team, we can make these dreams come true.

Jodi Katz
Jodi Katz
Founder & Creative Director, Base Beauty Creative Agency

I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with many of the top thought leaders, consultants and coaches in the agency space—Kelly stands out among them. Not only is she a truly kind and generous person, with her client’s best interest at heart, she goes deeper than any other coach or consultant I’ve encountered in the industry. Nobody offers an experience as personal and thorough as her when it comes to diving deep into her client’s businesses to uncover their true needs and create a clear plan to success. On top of all that, she has the tactical knowledge to help her clients action that plan no matter what critical business function it relates to – be it Culture, Process, Delivery, Sales, Positioning, Strategy and any other nuanced aspect of dealing with people, clients and projects.

Marcel Petitpas
Marcel Petitpas
CEO, Parakeeto

We are thrilled with the process and outcomes of our engagement with Kelly Campbell. From day one our team bought into the process and her style got them to be honest and transparent about their issues. The process was clearly laid out for us and I, as the agency owner, was involved through every step. We are thrilled with the outcomes, our new website, our new positioning and our new path to growing the agency. Kelly has a great perspective and cares about delivering great work. I highly recommend her for any agency that wants to accelerate growth.

David Adelman, OCD Media
David Adelman
CEO, OCD Media

Kelly was an amazing resource for us during a pivotal moment at FiveStone. She quickly learned what we did, how we did it, and how we talked. As a result Kelly was able to provide value fast. I look forward to working with Kelly again (and again!).

Jason Locy
Jason Locy
President & Founder, FiveStone

Kelly is a proven leader in the marketing agency world and I feel honored to call her both a mentor and a friend. She helped identify key needs for scaling my 15 year old design business including system automation, software integration and delegation. After making strategic team hires and implementing operational changes, I was able to take a full 2 week vacation for the first time in 7 years without working. Any principal in the weeds of the day to day can relate to how huge this was for me! I’m still basking in the glow of the first real break in so long, thanks to Kelly.

Christina Hagopian, Hagopian Ink
Christina Hagopian
President & Creative Director, Hagopian Ink

Kelly has become a trusted advisor as we take things to the next level. She’s been instrumental in helping to optimize agency efficiencies and in streamlining workflows within the firm, successfully implementing solutions, and developing new business and valuable partnerships. I’ve recently entrusted her to reposition our company and am excited about the limitless potential for which she’s helping to pave the way.

Joseph DeMicco, AIMG
Joseph DeMicco
CEO, Amplify

Kelly brought invaluable insights and a unique third party perspective to our website’s UX, SEO, email segmentation strategies, and our use of prospecting tools that will have an immediate, positive impact on our new business methodologies. She is a pleasure to work with because she is very approachable yet unafraid to speak her mind and stand behind her recommendations. Kelly brings credibility to these recommendations because she’s utilized them in successfully building her own digital marketing business. She brings state-of-the-art digital prowess to the practical demands of modern digital business and marketing communications.

Michael Decker
Michael Decker
VP, Marketing & Business Development, Retail Marketing Agency

The reason I hired Kelly versus the hundreds of other consultants out there is that when it comes to scaling an agency, she’s actually done it. She built her own highly successful agency piece by piece, and that kind of experience is invaluable. But not only does she share her knowledge; she holds me accountable – and I’m already seeing results. If you’re an agency owner that’s looking to grow, I highly recommend her.

Lou Kotsinis, BCS Ineractive
Lou Kotsinis
Co-Founder, BCS Interactive

For the past year, we’ve been working on recreating our website. Although we entered the process with a plan, there was something missing… and that something was Kelly. She brought our plan together in a cohesive, organized fashion with a brilliant combination of focus and expertise. We’re grateful to have Kelly on our team not only for the creation of the site, but for the implementation of SEO and website strategy as we move forward.

Glen Boehmer
Glen Boehmer
CEO, Sentinel Innovation

My biggest fear in re-positioning and relaunching NextCrew’s website was how someone would be able to put this together who is not part of my company. With Kelly’s help, it turned out much better than I could have ever imagined. The entire experience was seamless due to Kelly’s establishment of processes, responsiveness, creative direction, and vision—and most importantly, keeping me on track. I do not think I would have trusted anyone other than her to take on this project—or our digital marketing strategy going forward.

Chirag Mehta
Chirag Mehta
Founder and CEO, NextCrew Corporation

Kelly is a remarkable talent who has helped us think through a short and long term approach to our web site. She has consistently gone above and beyond the scope and both her technical, design and user experience insights have been impressive. Case study »

Farhana Mather, LDEO
Farhana Mather
Director of Development, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University

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