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• Apr 25-27, 2018 | SearchCon, Breckenridge, CO (Upcoming)
• Apr 28-30, 2017 | Goldman Sachs 10KSB Alumni Retreat, Red Bank NJ

Press + Articles

• Dec 12, 2017 | Top Digital Marketing Consultant – Clutch
• Feb 19, 2016 | Women Entrepreneurs: Imposter Syndrome, Gender Insults & The Beauty Of Bragging – Forbes
• Jan 21, 2014 | Manage Your Online Marketing Campaigns Effectively with Raven – PR Week
• Oct 4, 2012 | Kelly Campbell Named to REDC’s “Forty Under 40” – The Journal News
• May 22, 2011 | Kelly Campbell on Coach World TV with Terry Yoffe – Coach World TV
• Nov 15, 2010 | Connecting with Clients This Holiday Season – Under 30 CEO
• Oct 10, 2009 | Social Media Series: Fan Page Faux Pas – Under 30 CEO
• Sep 2, 2009 | Social Media Series: Twitter for Business – Under 30 CEO
• Aug 13, 2008 | A health community for the whole you – The Dr. Pat Show

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The reason I hired Kelly versus the hundreds of other consultants out there is that when it comes to scaling an agency, she’s actually done it. She built her own highly successful agency piece by piece, and that kind of experience is invaluable. But not only does she share her knowledge; she holds me accountable – and I’m already seeing results. If you’re an agency owner that’s looking to grow, I highly recommend her.

Lou Kotsinis, BCS Ineractive
Lou Kotsinis
Co-Founder, BCS Interactive

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