EP 12: Creating Change In Your Agency, with Adam Force

Jan 26, 2018

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EP 12: Creating Change In Your Agency, with Adam Force

On this episode of THRIVE, Kelly talks with Adam Force, founder of Change Creator—the first magazine app for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Adam shares how to authentically infuse impact and social good into your business model (and retain more of your millennial workforce.)

As thanks for being part of our community, we’re excited to share a very special offer from our friends over at Change Creator. They publish the first magazine app on iTunes and Google Play for purpose-driven entrepreneurship which is packed with in-depth insights and strategies from the most impactful entrepreneurs on the planet.

Now, you can get a 1-year subscription at no cost—PLUS you’ll get a bonus copy of their Top 10 Special Edition! If you want to be inspired by people changing the world, then you’ll love it.
To get started just visit the below link and use the code!

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