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Base Beauty Creative Agency
For the owner of a full-service agency with deep expertise in beauty and wellness, future mapping sessions helped define an actionable plan to reach multi-faceted growth goals.

Founder and CEO, Jodi Katz turned to Kelly Campbell for Agency Leader Transformation Coaching in order to map the future, including diversification of revenue streams, spending time on what she’s most passionate about, and living an integrated life.


Over the last decade,  Base Beauty Creative Agency (BBCA) has made a name for itself in the beauty and wellness verticals—yet the firm’s owner needed some guidance on how to continue to up-level as she was co-creating a life aligned with her purpose and passion. Kelly’s work addressed three critical challenges for BBCA’s leader:

• Uncover the ‘true north’:
Jodi was looking for a way to both increase and diversify her income streams as she became optional in her business, pursued her own passion projects (i.e. hosting her podcast, writing a book, launching an online mindfulness platform), and was able to spend significant time on adventures with her husband and two children. Using the concept of Future Mapping ™ — the reverse engineering of goal achievement, with an underlying focus on altruism — we unearthed what was most important to her and used that as the basis.

• Prioritize personal and agency initiatives:
Some efforts are a longer-term play, so we collaboratively determined potential action steps in each area of her life’s work and then began assigning a tentative order to them.

• Move from indecision to action:
An action scenario is only as good as its implementation and the support of those who will execute alongside, on behalf of, or hold you accountable to do so yourself.


After an in-person deep dive session —the first of three in total — Kelly created a Future Mapping™ Model, which became a living, breathing document for Jodi’s vision for the agency, podcast, book and life. A draft plan was presented in the second session and they iterated upon it together, while the last session was a presentation of the action steps needed to accomplish Jodi’s goals.

Kelly was then retained to create a custom business development strategy and work directly with the agency’s COO on implementation, and she continues to provide consultative support for any questions that arise as well as trusted resources.


This clear and ambitious agency owner was able to scale and empower her all-female team, continue to host her popular podcast, and dedicate time to the book she’s co-authoring — all while spending quality time with herself and the people that bring her the most joy. Visit

Kelly is helping me figure out what the future of my business looks like from a growth perspective and what I need to do as a leader to get it there. Most importantly, I’m making these goals grounded by what gives me the most joy. Kelly deeply understands what motivates me and honors my agency and personal values to drive these initiatives. I love working with coaches, and have already hired Kelly to work directly with my COO so, as a team, we can make these dreams come true.

Jodi Katz
Jodi Katz
Founder & Creative Director, Base Beauty Creative Agency
Kelly Campbell Agency Consultant
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