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Holistic Agency Growth Consulting

For established creative, media and technology agencies looking to level-up, better clients, greater efficiency and higher profit margins start with a holistic approach to growth and scalability.

From experience as agency owners, you and I both know that the issues you’re facing cannot be singular because they don’t exist in a vacuum. The nuance complexities of working with and for other humans means that multiple layers must be peeled back.

My signature service, Holistic Agency Growth Consulting, focuses on four core focus areas: positioning and visibility, teamwork and efficiency, income diversification, and profitability.

Everything works together to get (and keep) your agency firing on all cylinders. Let’s dive a little deeper into each so you can envision the interconnectedness and how it applies to your agency.

Discovery + Intake Discussions

First, our engagement begins with a one-on-one, in-person intake of each and every employee of your agency—from the CEO to the summer intern (from about 10 to 100 employees). All conversations are confidential and anonymized. Common themes throughout the agency’s culture, operations, positioning, communications, systems and processes, deliverables, and more are synthesized. Findings are summarized and presented to agency leadership, along with recommendations. Together, we prioritize the order in which we’ll tackle the issues and opportunities.

Positioning + Visibility

Next, what is your niche and why? How do your competitors describe what they do? Are your offerings seen as a commodity or unique and premier?

I’ll manually review your agency’s website and then run a technical and content audit to find out how visible and compelling it is on Google. Then, we focus on the competition, opportunities and market positioning.

Together, we can get your site optimized for targeted mid- and long-tail search terms—focused on solving a prospect’s pain point right from the SERPs—and get your site loading faster, and free of errors that a visitor might otherwise encounter. In order to attract qualified prospects for your sales pipeline, every agency needs to elicit credibility and relevance from the very first touch point.

During our keyword research, we might discover some niche terms that make sense for a paid campaign. We’ll also identify specific web properties—including client and candidate review sites—that will add value as inbound links, and begin working on those relationships.

The cost of Google AdWords is not cost-prohibitive—when you do the research to understand your competitors, where gaps exist and offer opportunity, how to position your agency in the market, and how to implement a strategic plan to attract ideal prospects in search of your expertise.

Teamwork and Efficiency

What would happen if you landed $2 million in new business tomorrow? Are your communications, systems and processes streamlined to the point where the load would make your internal machine come to a grinding halt, or would you sail through with clearly defined roles and responsibilities, perfect collaboration, and tasks as automated as possible?

When an agency is running as efficiently as possible, people are happier and more productive, the work is just better, and client retention is higher. That also means income becomes more predictable.

During our discovery phase, we’ll look at which software you’re using, where there may be duplication of effort or cost (or both), manual tasks that can be automated, technology integrations that can feed data from one system to another, and so on. This is a deep dive into everything from client relationship management, project management, team communication channels and reporting to time tracking, accounting and invoicing, and account/project profitability.

Income Diversification

Think business development isn’t a creative skill set? Think again! In order to increase income consistently and exponentially at any type of creative, media or tech agency, you need a balanced mix of word-of-mouth referrals, inbound marketing, hyper-targeted outbound marketing, speaking, and strategic partnerships.

I work with agencies to assess, strategize and implement effective inbound marketing (SEO consulting for agencies is an example of a crossover with visibility). Then, we focus on account-based marketing—strategizing the most creative, effective ways to get in front of influencers and decision-makers at organizations that you want on your client roster. Throughout the entire engagement, I help them develop smart, strategic partnerships that can increase new business overnight.

I also have a Resource Roster to help any agency fill specific capacity gaps, nearly on-demand. These include individual talent for production, hired gun consultants, as well other specialist agencies. Need to contract a veteran ecommerce project manager for a robust, six-month project? No problem. From brand architects, development firms and copywriting teams to strategists, animation houses, prospect list agents and more, my personally vetted network has you covered.


Lastly, we focus on profitability—an obvious cross-over with efficiency. Growth is great, but increasing profit margin is how to grow your agency exponentially. We’ll dive into the service offerings that are the least and the most profitable, and put processed in place to ensure predictable bottom line revenue growth.

After 15 years of starting, scaling and selling my own digital agency in New York, I love helping other agency leaders to do the same. I work with established, mid-level agencies in the creative, media and tech sectors—typically with $2-30MM in annual revenue, looking to level-up, and committed to investing in the significant growth of their organization.

Kelly has become a trusted advisor as we take things to the next level. She’s been instrumental in helping to optimize agency efficiencies and in streamlining workflows within the firm, successfully implementing solutions, and developing new business and valuable partnerships. I’ve recently entrusted her to reposition our company and am excited about the limitless potential for which she’s helping to pave the way.

Joseph DeMicco, AIMG
Joseph DeMicco
CEO, Amplify
Kelly Campbell
How Can I Help?

Are you looking to scale your creative, media or tech agency? Do you want stronger market position, better visibility, increased efficiency, more ideal clients and higher profit margins? Let’s set up a time to talk.

The reason I hired Kelly versus the hundreds of other consultants out there is that when it comes to scaling an agency, she’s actually done it. She built her own highly successful agency piece by piece, and that kind of experience is invaluable. But not only does she share her knowledge; she holds me accountable – and I’m already seeing results. If you’re an agency owner that’s looking to grow, I highly recommend her.

Lou Kotsinis, BCS Ineractive
Lou Kotsinis
Co-Founder, BCS Interactive