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First impressions can make or break any relationship. But even before prospects view your website’s content, they discover your competitors on the search engines.

In order to gain qualified traffic that converts to leads,  sales or donations, your site must be visible and then elicit credibility and relevance from the very first touch point. To fully understand the opportunities and tactics, you may need an expert SEO consultant.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve been an IA & SEO consultant to enterprise tech companies (currently working with Facebook on its developer-facing web properties), B2C and B2B businesses, government entities, creative agencies and national non-profits.

Your organization should be asking: Is our site’s content both visible and compelling on search engine results pages when prospects are searching for what we provide? And if so, what actions do visitors take when they arrive compared to the actions we’d like them to take?

My passion is in uncovering the gaps within an organization’s web presence—and providing solutions to address those challenges—while keeping an eye out for ways in which we can improve internal efficiency through web technology.

White Hat, Expert SEO Consulting Services for Creative Agencies, Nonprofits & Enterprise Tech

Competitive Research & Analysis

  • Competitor #1
  • Competitor #2
  • Competitor #3

Let’s find out which keywords drive qualified traffic to your competitors first. Together we’ll develop a comprehensive SEO strategy to outpace and pull prospects away from them.

SEO Strategy & Execution

Clients are often surprised by my findings and the number of opportunities for improvement. By leaving no stone unturned—and bringing creativity to the optimization process—the white hat SEO results seen by business and nonprofit clients are rooted in the following:

  • Competitive Research & Analysis
  • Complete Website Assessments
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Information Architecture (IA) / Sitemaps
  • On-page SEO
  • SEO Content Deck Development
  • Copywriting / Copyediting
  • Citation Cleanup
  • Citation and Link Building
  • 301 Redirects / URL Mapping
  • Ongoing Content Development and Optimization


While there is no way to guarantee results with white hat SEO techniques, the methodology I use as an SEO expert has a proven track record and is sustainable because it’s rooted in best practices for long-term success.

Gray hat and black hat SEOs use short-term tricks that vary in degrees of illegitimacy, however their “guaranteed results” cannot be sustained, as Google will ultimately discover them and penalize your site—which will be very difficult from which to recover.

For brand new sites, I may recommend paid search efforts, short-term, while organic position increases.

The timeline of each SEO project varies (typically 3-4 weeks for small projects and 2-3 months for large projects), while ranking on Page 1 for targeted keywords depends on numerous variables—including industry type, competition level, Google updates, browser type, user location and behavior, and more. Based on experience over 15 years, I’ve seen sites climb to Page 1 in as little as 48 hours or take as long as 6 months+. It’s important that we set our expectations accordingly at the onset or our work together—and remember that white hat SEO is a long-term initiative.

Transparency is paramount to a successful relationship, so I will educate your internal or external resources on on-page SEO, content development (length, frequency, etc.), link building and more.

The SEO Process

Once we decide to work together, we’ll collaborate every step of the way. I will be conscious of your team’s time and ensure that our reviews are efficient and productive. Low hanging fruit will be addressed first so we can get to work quickly on the critical elements.

Starting with keyword research and analysis, we’ll define which search terms to target—based on relevance, volume of monthly searches, industry competition and trends in long-tail search. We’ll discuss which terms might make great blog posts and other content pieces, which can be created as part of my scope, by a vendor, or by your in-house team.

Next, I’ll handle on-page SEO for every page on the site—and you can decide whether you’d like me to handle implementation, or if your in-house team is capable (in order to reduce costs).

We’ll discuss citations and link building in order to define a link building strategy that makes sense for your organization.

Organic, Direct, Referral

  • Organic Search
  • Direct Traffic
  • Referrals

Qualified prospects discover your organization online through various channels: organic search, paid search, social media and other referral sites. Together, we’ll define KPIs (key performance indicators) that will keep all digital marketing efforts on track.

How can I help you?

Is your organization experiencing web, SEO or digital marketing challenges? Share an overview and let’s set up a time to talk.

Kelly has become a trusted advisor as we take things to the next level. She’s been instrumental in helping to optimize agency efficiencies and in streamlining workflows within the firm, successfully implementing solutions, and developing new business and valuable partnerships. I’ve recently entrusted her to reposition our company and am excited about the limitless potential for which she’s helping to pave the way.

Joseph DeMicco, AIMG
Joseph DeMicco
CEO, Amplify

Kelly brought invaluable insights and a unique third party perspective to our website’s UX, SEO, email segmentation strategies, and our use of prospecting tools that will have an immediate, positive impact on our new business methodologies. She is a pleasure to work with because she is very approachable yet unafraid to speak her mind and stand behind her recommendations. Kelly brings credibility to these recommendations because she’s utilized them in successfully building her own digital marketing business. She brings state-of-the-art digital prowess to the practical demands of modern digital business and marketing communications.

Michael Decker
Michael Decker
VP, Marketing & Business Development, Retail Marketing Agency

The reason I hired Kelly versus the hundreds of other consultants out there is that when it comes to scaling an agency, she’s actually done it. She built her own highly successful agency piece by piece, and that kind of experience is invaluable. But not only does she share her knowledge; she holds me accountable – and I’m already seeing results. If you’re an agency owner that’s looking to grow, I highly recommend her.

Lou Kotsinis, BCS Ineractive
Lou Kotsinis
Co-Founder, BCS Interactive

I met Kelly through the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program and took an immediate liking to her as a person—one factor that helps me decide whom and whom not to work with. After we graduated, she and I communicated frequently and I engaged her as a consultant to help our company provide an effective website. After a few phone meetings, email exchanges, and in-person meetings, we launched Kelly was amazing to work with and her work speaks for itself.

Sharad Bhavnani, DJUSA
Sharad Bhavnani
Founder & CEO, DJUSA

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