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Improving your backlinks is a powerful way to improve your ranking on search engine results pages. Assessing your backlinks is one of the prime ways that Google determines the quality and usefulness of your site.

Here are some strategies you can use to get more, quality backlinks and generate more, targeted traffic. You’ll see that with many of these strategies, you’ll be giving something in order to receive something.

1. Testimonials

A good way to get a link from an authority website is to have your testimonial appear on one of their pages. To prove you are a verifiable, real human being, they will often want to link to your site, making this is a great way to receive a link without having to ask.

Use the site’s ‘leave a testimonial’ or ‘contact’ form if they have one. Otherwise, just send an email with your testimonial.

Make sure that it is well-written and to the point. To make this work, it’s best if they can use what you’ve written, or a section of it, without much editing.

Also make it authentic. Many businesses find it worthwhile buying products or using services, so that they can write an honest testimonial and have it appear on an authority site.

2. Link Roundup

A link roundup refers to a blogger’s daily or weekly curation of the best content on the web, usually on a particular subject.

Anyone making a roundup is looking for great content. If you’ve got some great content, then it’s a match made in heaven.

All you have to do is email the creator of the link roundup and ask to have your link included.

Find appropriate roundups by searching for “[your niche] + roundup.” Instead of “roundup”, you might also try something along the lines of “best articles” or “weekly”. When you’ve had a look on Google, head over to Twitter and check on there too.

Bloggers are looking for the opportunity to link to content like yours. Use this tip to find them and connect.

3. Reclaim Links

Just as there are content creators out there looking for sites like yours, there might be other content creators who have already mentioned you, your business, or your product/service online, but, for one reason or another, they may not have linked back to your content.

Instead of feeling disappointed about a missed opportunity, remember that it’s easy to reach out and improve this situation.

Find name mentions of your business by using a tool like Mention.net or BuzzSumo. Write to thank the person that mentioned you and ask them if they would consider linking to you. In many cases, this is a very quick way to turn even a passing mention into a solid link with very little effort.

Know that getting backlinks for your website is not guaranteed and is not so easy a job. Use the right SEO Strategy to maximize your efforts on getting the best ranking place online. This search engine optimization strategy guide may help!

4. Guest posts

You thought you’d gotten away with it, but here it is: the guest post.

It’s unwieldy, it takes up your valuable time, but it still packs a punch in terms of getting those backlinks, as well as bringing a new stream of visitors to your site.

Take some of the pain out of writing guest posts by following this tip for finding suitable guest posting opportunities fast.

The time it takes to find suitable guest-posting opportunities can put people off. Twitter, however, is an underused resource in this respect. Use Twitter to search for phrases such as “guest post,” “guest blog post,” “[your niche] + guest post,” or “#guestpost.”

Since these tweets are current, it’s a great way to come up with more reliable guest posting opportunities fast.

5. Fix Broken Links

While you should always keep an eye on your site’s internal and external links, this final tip refers to giving other sites a helping hand.

Here’s how this works:

• Search for resources pages that recommend businesses, products, or services like yours. Use searches like: “[niche] + resources,” “[niche + resource page],” or “[niche] + recommended sites.”
• Then use a tool like Broken Link Check or the Chrome extension “Check My Links” to find any broken links.
• If you spot one or more broken links on a resource page, get in touch. Be helpful by pointing out the dead links. Then, take the opportunity to briefly explain that your blog or your business works in a relevant niche and ask the blogger to consider adding your URL to the resource page.

For the best results, don’t treat this as an obligatory exchange. While helping out a blogger, simply reach out and suggest that you have something of value to contribute.

People are much more likely to help you out if you do something for them first. This is true with some of the most effective backlink strategies.

Above all, be authentic, helpful, and courteous to those in your industry. Follow the tips above, and you will be rewarded with healthy backlinks and a spike in traffic from relevant, authoritative sources.

Author: Kelly Campbell
Kelly Campbell is a Trauma-Informed Conscious Leadership Coach, helping creative and technology leaders transform both life and agency. The former owner of a cause marketing firm for 14 years, her coaching and consulting work focuses on personal development, purpose, positioning, people, pipeline and profitability. She is the host of THRIVE: Your Agency Resource, a bi-weekly video podcast for agency leaders, sponsored by Workamajig. A keynote speaker at leadership conferences across the country, Kelly has been featured in Forbes, Woman Entrepreneur and The Startup on Medium. She is also the founder of Consciousness Leaders, a representation agency pairing trusted and diverse experts with organizations to create positive change and drive lasting results. She is currently authoring her first book on the connective tissue between healing trauma and becoming a conscious leader. Sign up for the book's pre-launch list here.


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