Add Warm Leads to Your Value Proposition in 2021

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Building meaningful client relationships takes time, patience, and hard work. Business development is mostly the result of building those value-based relationships with prospects. This is why effective marketing campaigns are not instantaneous, but tend to focus on developing and then nurturing people through the stages of a sales funnel. But you already know all of that.

What I want to know is this: do your agency’s clients stand to benefit from receiving personal information on unidentified warm leads?

These prospects have been on your clients’ sites — perhaps because of the great marketing or advertising work your firm has done for them — so, why are most of us stopping there?

New Identification Software for Unknown Visitors

There are various visitor identification software available in the market, but their main focus is on letting you know which companies have been on your website, or which already-known prospects have returned. While both have merit, organizational information just doesn’t give you a detailed picture of the individual prospect for targeting purposes.

WebWho solves this problem by identifying the unknown site visitors in real-time, giving you the typical information on previous visits and entry pages, but then goes one incredible step further — to provide you with their email address and other personal data including first and last name, gender, age, household income, interests and more.

Imagine what you could do with that level of insight. Add these warm prospects to your email cadences, reach out to them directly via account-based marketing (ABM) initiatives, and start nurturing them with high relevance and intention.

How Does this Data Impact Your Value Prop as an Agency?

1. Increase Your Client’s Ideal Customer Base

Acquiring and using individualized information gives you verified data for sales qualified leads and ultimately better results. Only 24% of marketers use personal and behavioral data for online targeting, and one of the main causes of this low number is the lack of reliable sources in the market for customer information.

2. Acquire Contact Data
More detailed data increases the value of each prospect. As prospect data is identified in real-time, it becomes owned information for your client.

3. Enable Deep Personalization
65% of businesses say that generating traffic and leads is their main marketing problem. WebWho allows agencies to invest in more personalized information, ensuring that they enhance marketing and sales through better targeting.

4. Focus on Prospects with Promise
Prospective customers often have different levels of interest in products and services, so your client’s money is better spent nurturing those who fit their buyer personas. WebWho provides nearly every single type of data imaginable, so your team (or your client) can sort through warm leads based on established criteria.

5. Create Resonant Content
Creating meaningful and targeted content is an important aspect of the lead generation process. Individualized data creates a better foundation for developing appropriate content that will help convert warm leads into customers.

6. Centralize Monitoring
One white-labeled dashboard for your agency means that you can see all of your clients warm leads in real-time at a glance. You can choose to grant access to your clients or not.

7. Add a New Revenue Stream
Set your own pricing and add a new, recurring stream of revenue to your books.

Closing the Loop

Being able to offer individualized data on the leads that your agency is already driving to its clients’ sites only adds to your value proposition. It closes the loop, as it enables you to effectively pass targeted information to your clients and monitor efficacy through the funnel. If you’ve struggled to answer questions from clients about attribution and efficacy of your marketing efforts, this may be a win-win-win solution for everyone involved.

Want more information or a demo of the software? Click here or let’s talk.

Author: Kelly Campbell
Kelly Campbell (she/they) is a Trauma-Informed Conscious Leadership Coach, helping creative and technology leaders transform both life and agency. The former owner of a cause marketing firm for 14 years, her coaching and consulting work focuses on personal development, purpose, positioning, people, pipeline and profitability. She is the host of THRIVE: Your Agency Resource, a bi-weekly video podcast for agency leaders, sponsored by E2M and Workamajig. A keynote speaker at leadership conferences across the country, Kelly writes for Entrepreneur, and has been featured in Forbes, Woman Entrepreneur and The Startup on Medium. She is also the founder of Consciousness Leaders, a representation agency pairing trusted and diverse experts with organizations to create positive change and drive lasting results. She is currently authoring her first book on the connective tissue between healing trauma and becoming a conscious leader. Sign up for the book's pre-launch list here.

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