Drastically Increase Lead Conversion with One Change

increase lead conversion with interactive forms

If you’re in the B2B service industry, you probably attend several networking events and conferences per year, if not more. Imagine starting every conversation with an introduction like this:

“Before we start talking, would you tell me your first and last name, the company you’re with, your email address, phone number and why you’re interested in speaking with me?”

You’d turn every single person off from engaging with you—yet, we still take this very approach on our websites.

If we shift our perspective to realize that we’re simply recreating an in-person dialogue on our contact pages, webinar registration and other landing pages, we need to provide an interactive experience and the line of questioning must be conversational in nature.

The single most effective change you can make is to use interactive form software like Growform, Typeform, or other similar tools that integrate with your CRM or can connect through Zapier to automate workflows.

First, think about the questions you’d ask someone standing right in front of you.

You can actually collect more information from your prospects than you do right now AND see a significantly higher conversion rate from your lead capture initiatives.

Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself (on a free trial or free account basis) and you’ll see the results first-hand.

Need an example? I get it, I’m a visual person too. Here’s a duplicate of an interactive form that I use on my Creative Agency Scaling landing page, which converts at a 215% greater rate than my previous standard-field form. (If you’re an agency owner and interested in scheduling a free 30-minute consultation with me to discuss any of this further, just start the conversation below).

Author: Kelly Campbell
Kelly Campbell is a Trauma-Informed Conscious Leadership Coach, helping creative and technology leaders transform both life and agency. The former owner of a cause marketing firm for 14 years, her coaching and consulting work focuses on personal development, purpose, positioning, people, pipeline and profitability. She is the host of THRIVE: Your Agency Resource, a bi-weekly video podcast for agency leaders, sponsored by Workamajig. A keynote speaker at leadership conferences across the country, Kelly has been featured in Forbes, Woman Entrepreneur and The Startup on Medium. She is also the founder of Consciousness Leaders, a representation agency pairing trusted and diverse experts with organizations to create positive change and drive lasting results. She is currently authoring her first book on the connective tissue between healing trauma and becoming a conscious leader. Sign up for the book's pre-launch list here.

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